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A great first impression counts. I offer a Sutton Coldfield Web Design service and I run Dream Web Designs. I create beautiful, mobile friendly websites which bring you more leads and additional profit for your business.

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Web Design in Sutton Coldfield
  • Concerned about inexperienced developers?
  • Worried that it’s too expensive?
  • Dreading that it will take too long?
  • Don’t want to deal with a big, expensive agency?
  • Want to deal with someone local?
  • Concerned that it is all too techy?

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Sutton Coldfield Website Design

I carefully design your website so that the final product is ultra clean with zero distractions. This gives your website a successful user experience.

Let me help you turn your website visitors into customers. I specialise in business and I have been in various businesses myself for a long time which helps me to understand my clients’ needs. I am a developer who likes to make sure that you have a great website.

Your contact details and a contact form come as standard but I will be pleased to add videos and other features such as a newsletter subscription form. Just ask if there are other features which you would like to include.

I do not have the overheads of an agency so my price to you is low whilst quality of work is high.

Website Design

I take the time to understand your goals and your unique selling proposition and portray that in your website which maximises the chances of prospective customers choosing you.

Branding & Logo

I will include your business’s branding and colour schemes or I will select a colour scheme that looks great.  You are welcome to send me your logo if you have one or I will design everything for you. My aim is to give you a beautful and functional website.

Client Care

I will guide you through every aspect of the website building process and make it is easy and simple as possible for you. This will include regular, clear communication. You will be able to speak to me when you wish and we will have discussion at the outset to ensure that I understand your requirements.

Local To You

I am based right here in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield making it easy to contact me and work with me. I am also easy to work with so do not hesitate to call me and ask whatever you wish.

Understanding business

I have run businesses myself and I understand that the one thing that you want from your website is to generate leads for you. I will create a business website for you that will not only look great but will also encourage visitors to call you to find out more.

Maintenance & Updates

Maybe you already have a website that needs some work?  I offer the technical skills to build your website as you wish. I am competent in html, css3 and bootstrap as well as WordPress.

Most searches are done on mobile devices now so maybe your website needs making made mobile-friendly. Perhaps, it needs an update or modernising. Do you need something correcting on your website or a form adding or some other job carried out? If so, I can take care of it for you.

Why Choose Me?

I am based locally offering Sutton Coldfield Web Design and I help businesses in your neighbourhood. This makes me in easy reach and I know the needs of the locality.

I am an independent business with low overheads. I do not have the expenses of a larger agency, like cars, offices or a sales team, meaning that I can keep my prices down, without a loss of quality

I like to take an interest in my clients’ success and want to work with my clients as a one stop shop. I can continue to improve your website content to convert more visitors into sales.

I use the latest most stable technology, such as plug-ins and security fixes.

I provide training on how to maintain and manage your website. This will show you how to get the best of your website investment.

You will own the website, the domain name and you can make any changes to the website yourself, should you choose to do so. You can move the website to whichever web hosting service or developer that you choose, should you need to do so in the future.

I am also easy to work with so do not hesitate to call me and ask whatever you wish.

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Expressions Hair Salon

This client needed a new site with specific requirements for the look, feel and function of the site.


About Me

I’ve been building websites for 15 Years. I like to make my customers happy.

I will try to understand your needs and create a website that helps you to start or grow your enterprise. A great looking website that is easy to use can bring you more customers. I started website design in 1999 and I made made my first website for a customer in 2009 and I looked after that customer until their retirement in 2019. This experience helps me to offer the best website development service possible.

I can install and maintain a website that will give your firm a highly professional and trustworthy image. I can add custom features such as building an email list, adding videos, displaying products and much more, should you wish.

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