A Friendly and Approachable Website Designer in Sutton Coldfield

I am based right here in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield making it easy to contact me and work with me. I am also easy to work with so do not hesitate to call me and ask whatever you wish.

I have run businesses myself and I understand that the one thing that you want from your website is to generate leads for you. I will create a business website for you that will not only look great but will also encourage visitors to call you to find out more.

I offer the technical skills to build your website as you wish. I am competent in html, css3 and bootstrap to create a custom website for you. I can create it in Wordpress, if you prefer.

I carefully design and simplify your website so that the final product is ultra clean with zero distractions. This gives your website a successful user experience.

I take the time to understand your goals and your unique selling proposition and portray that in your website which maximises the chances of prospective customers choosing you.


I code this for you personally with as much custom building as required. A custom built, high quality website that is designed precisely for your needs.

One Page

A simple website all on one page. Choose from several styles. Looks great and does the job for many purposes such as trades people.


Choose from the many templates available. I can guide you towards the best performing designs and I will keep it up to date for you.

Call Me Now To Find Out More

You can call me right now on 0774 9221 1349 even if it is after 5pm. Do it now and you can start getting answers to your questions. Let's start growing your business today.

John Higgins Web Developer

How Much Will It Cost?

Here are my current prices which I have made as clear as possible. I can usually find suitable free images which are legal and safe to use or you may prefer to supply your own photographs. I will use your logo or I can work with a logo designer to produce something for you if you do not have one. There will be an additional charge if a logo is needed.

One Page Website


Smart, straightforward Website

Choose From Several Layouts

Contact Details

Mobile Friendly

SSL Certificate

On Page SEO

Wordpress Website


Hundreds of designs to choose from

Customised for your business

Contact Form

Mobile Friendly

SSL Certificate

On Page SEO

Security Plug In

Custom Built Website


Beautifully Designed Website

Bespoke Coding

Contact Form

Mobile Friendly

SSL Certificate

On Page SEO


I recommend a hosting company that has been looking after my websites for many years. It is a very reliable service and costs £45 a year. You are welcome, of course, to use whichever hosting provider you wish.


Dream Web Design

I specialise in business and I have been in various businesses myself for a long time which helps me to understand my clients' needs. I am a developer who likes to make sure that you have a great website which can make all the difference to you whether you are a one person operation or a medium sized organisation.

Most searches are done on mobile devices now so maybe your website needs making made mobile-friendly. Perhaps, it needs an update or modernising. I can take care of it for you.

Why choose Me?

I will try to understand your needs and create a website that helps you to start or grow your enterprise. A great looking website that is easy to use can bring you more customers. I made made my first website for a customer in 2009 and I looked after that customer until their retirement in 2019. This great experience helps me to offer the best website development service possible.

My Services

I can install and maintain a website that will give your firm a highly professional and trustworthy image. I can add custom features such as building an email list, adding videos, displaying products and much more, should you wish. I can offer other digital marketing services like SEO, too.

Fully Responsive & Clean Layout

Your website will be made to look great on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. With most people searching on their phones these days, that's crucial.

Added Features

Your contact details and a contact form come as standard but I will be pleased to add videos and other features such as a newsletter subscription form. Just ask if there are other features which you would like to include.

WordPress or Custom HTML?

WordPress is a website content management system which is used a great deal throughout the world. It was originally conceived as a blog but it is now reached the stage where it can just as easily be used as a regular website.

A WordPress website has a lot going for it. There are literally thousands of pre-made designs (called Themes) that are available including many that are free. Indeed, the main problem is deciding which WordPress theme to choose because the choice can be bewildering. However, I can make this easier for you as I have used plenty of themes myself and I should be able to help you to choose something which is suitable for your needs.

The WordPress theme needs to be installed on your web hosting and then customised with all of your details so that it is unique to you. You can add all of your own images and text. The setting up time is less than a fully customised website.

There are endless amounts of WordPress “plug-ins” which add functionality to your website. These range from simple forms to more technical matters such as site security and image management.

The downsides are that WordPress has a few limitations to what can be done, but they are very minor. Occasionally, you might find that it is very difficult to customise a particular item but this rarely happen. I am able to change the site layout, colours and font. In fact, I can pretty much edit everything.

Most people can happily use WordPress as their website platform and it will do a very good job for them, too.

You can choose how hands on you want to be with your new website. You can provide the graphics and images or I can do so for you. I will take the time to show you how to maintain the web site if you would like to do so yourself. Most people are perfectly capable of looking after things once they have been show what needs to be done. I will also ensure that you know how to add content to the site, if you wish.

Alternatively, you can hand it all over to me and will look after things on your behalf. The choice is yours and I am happy to work either way.

You can see some interesting ideas about building a website over at How are web pages made?

A custom Html site is simply a website that is built without WordPress or any other content management system. It is built with Html code and many websites developers have specialised skills in using certain frameworks that provide libraries to make these websites even better. The one that I am familiar with is called bootstrap and this is a very popular way of building websites.

You can customise your website to a greater degree using Html, although there are still some occasions when technology just does not allow something to be achieved, but this is very rare in the everyday run of things.

Everything can be customised with Html and we can get your website looking and functioning very nicely. You may need a custom web site if you have specific needs for a very particular approach.

An Html website takes more time and expertise to build and that means that it is more expensive to set up in the first place.

Want to know more? Please get in touch with me.