Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers


Keep Your System Up To Date

You may be using a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla, which is a great way to go. Make sure that you keep the versions that you are using up to date and that any plugins that you have set up are kept up to date.

Back-Up, Back-Up, Back-Up!

Did I make myself clear? You should have a system to keep backups of your website including any database if it uses one. A recent copy of your website and save you a lot of trouble.

Use Secure Passwords

Use a password generator to come up with a really safe password. A generator will make sure that what you have selected really is quite secure and the longer a password the better, too.

Also, make note of who has access to your website. Do all of the people with logins really need to have them?

Server Security

Your website is hosted on a server somewhere. You will have a login to access it. You should be using a secure password in this area because hackers will have a field day if they get access to your website this way.

Don’t Make It Easy For The Hackers

Keep a watchful eye on email scams and phishing emails. Sometimes it can only take a click and you could be in trouble.

Do Not Allow File Uploads

Do users of your website need to be able to upload files? Any sort of file upload option gives hackers a possible way into your site so think twice before allowing this facility on your site.

Use HTTPS Certificates

You will have noticed that websites that use the old HTTP:// are highlighted as insecure in your web browser. You really ought to be using HTTPS:// instead, especially if you are collecting client details and financial information.

Google will love you for it and may even give your rankings a boost…..

Use Security Plugins

Using WordPress or similar is a great idea and one of the benefits is the wide range of security plugins that are available for free. I like Wordfence Security and iThemes Security.

Keep the above in mind and keep your website safe. After all, it is one of your business’s most important assets and it deserves to be kept secure.

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