All Good Things Must Come To An End

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Or do they?

We will all miss the easy, drag and drop system that SeattleClouds have provided to us. It is a sad loss for us all.

However, it is possible to transfer your SeattleClouds Android App to an Android Studio Project and produce the apk file, just like you used to with the SeattleClouds system. You need to have the files downloaded and the Developer Certificate details which SeattleClouds kindly provided to their customers.

This is not a straightforward matter if you are not used to such work. However, I am offering a service to make the transfer for you.

The amount of work involved will depend on the app. A simple info-type app will be much easier than one with many functions. I will keep all of the files inside the app wherever possible and this will mean that the app will be standalone. There will be no need for a server and no ongoing costs for such an app.

The situation will be different for an app with lots of information in it or with certain functions. An app which has lots of audio files, for instance, will need to use a server to store them so a monthly cost will be involved.

I will try to keep all of the costs down for you. I can just produce the apk file and then you can upload this to Google Play yourself. It will be just like when you used to do it with SeattleClouds.

There will be the option to have the apk file uploaded for a small additional fee.

Apps which have more complex functions will be the most expensive to migrate and the cost will depend on what the app needs to do.

As a very rough guide, here is what I intend to charge for the migration:

Simple info-style app $145

Larger Info-style app $195

Uploading to Google Play $20

These are are only a guideline as it just depends on what the app consists of. It might be less or more. Monthly storage costs for the apps that need them will also be only a small amount. It will depend upon the storage needed.

I intend to offer further services for you in order to make life easier. Please stay tuned as these become clearer or email me and ask to be kept up to date.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with me so that we can discuss things. You are welcome to give me a call on +44 0774 921 1349 (UK time) or please use the Google Form below to send me details:

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