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Little Aston Web Design

I offer professional website design and development from my base in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, which is very close to Little Aston. It would be my pleasure to create a beautiful high-performance website that engages your prospective clients and turns them into customers for you.

Your website is a crucial part of the buying cycle and should make it as attractive and easy as possible for people to buy your product or service and bring in additional business for you.

Building Your Business Website in Little Aston

Businesses which operate without a website are few and far between, nowadays. Look around and you can see people constantly looking at their mobile phone screen. A good deal of the time they spend on their phone is searching for local businesses to offer the products and services which they desire.

Typically, your website has just a few seconds to impress and reassure a prospective client that you are the person that they wish to purchase from. It is all too easy to move on to the next website so your site needs to engage and enthuse the visitor to get in touch with you.

Setting up your website should be an enjoyable and straightforward thing to do. I will take the time to understand what you wish to convey to your customers and being local to you can only help in that process. I also know the local area which again can only be a good thing for you.

Apart from anything else, dealing with someone like myself who is close to Little Aston means that you know that it is in my interests to take very good care of you so that word of mouth recommendations continue to come my way.

You can also take comfort from knowing that I am nearby should you require more assistance with your website in the future.


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Looking Good On All Size Screens


The way people use the internet has changed dramatically over the last few years. We all used to sit at a desk and look at a full sized computer screen, then we started to use laptops quite a lot. After that, tablets became more popular but the real game-changer was the smartphone. So many of us now have advanced mobile phones with high quality screens that more searches on carried out on mobile devices than desktop.

The implications for websites are far and wide. The screen is not just smaller but most often viewed in portrait rather than landscape orientation. Go and look at a website designed for a computer screen, often with three or more columns spread horizontally, on a mobile phone, and it looks awful.

I will make your website “responsive” which means that it will adapt to whichever size screen it is viewed upon. This is crucial to your website’s success so I take great care on this aspect of website design.

I also make sure that all your mobile phone user has to do is touch your phone number and their phone opens up its dialling function with your number ready to call. People visiting your website can call you in two clicks – virtually effortlessly – bringing more leads into your business for you.John-Higgins web development

Why Should You Ask Me To Build Your Website?

With such a large number of web developers out there who will create your website for you, why choose myself? To keep it short:

  • I attended a college course as far back as 1999 to start to learn how to build websites, so I have the knowledge of creating websites for an extended period.
  • I reside in Four Oaks, just a short way from you, making me the local web designer that you can place your trust in.
  • I like to take an interest in my clients’ success.
  • I do not have the overheads of a large agency, keeping my costs down.
  • I will give you training open on how to manage and maintain your website.
  • You will own the website, the domain name and you can make any changes that you need, should you wish to do it yourself.

I have no doubt that will have many areas that you wish to ask about so the easiest way forward is to give me a quick ring on 0774 921 1349 so that we can have an initial discussion.

I will be pleased to answer any queries. You are welcome to fill out my Contact Form if you prefer. You can discover more about my services on my home page Sutton Coldfield Web Design.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.