How To Build a Website

There are many ways to build your own website.

You should consider that whichever way you go there will be a learning curve. Some routes will be longer than others but it will take time and effort, even if you go for a drag and drop solution.

So, it will probably be worthwhile asking someone to build your website for you, or going for a website builder of some sort, if you do no intend to build further websites in the future. This is because the time and effort invested in learning the skills needed to build a website will not be repaid just in that one website. However, all that time and effort may be worth it if you build more websites in the future.

Think how much work is involved and how much payback is received.

Some webhosts include a drag and drop builder but they are, in my opinion, not very good, in the main.

You could search the internet and try to find a drag and drop website builder that runs on your PC or Mac, but you must still be prepared for a learning curve and possibly some frustration at the limitations that these programs have.

You have plenty of choice when it comes to learning the basic building block of websites – html:





Computer Language for Beginners: HTML

You may do well to find a course over at Udemy or somewhere similar and have some video tutorials.

Another option is to try somewhere like peopleperhour.com and get some one to one tuition. This is probably the fastest way to learn. One approach is to agree with your tutor on a good Udemy course for you to follow and then go over it with your tutor once a week.

You can always ask for help over at stackoverflow.com but make sure that you understand the correct way of asking questions. That website is a mine of information about website building.

A great overview of all things related to building a website can be found at praxent.com/blog/creating-website-for-business

You can find the most popular coding languages for VR and everything you need to get started for coding virtual reality games at vr.space/news/education/vr-coding-design

Another route is to learn to build a website using WordPress. You can probably get the basics of this pretty quickly and there are plenty of videos over on youtube.com that will help you out. However, WordPress can be deeply frustrating an even the simplest thing like changing a font or a colour can be a challenge. Learning WordPress properly takes some doing.

Even if you go for WordPress builder, like Divi there is a lot to learn, and a course over at Udemy would be a good choice.

So, in summary, you need to decide our objective. The main choice that you need to make is whether you are going to invest money and get someone to build the website for you, or invest time and effort (and some money) in learning how to do it yourself.

Good luck with it.