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Four Oaks Web Design

I am a professional website designer and I am based right here in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield very near to the Mere Green area. I am just off Crown Lane, by the Crown Pub. It would be my pleasure to help you get your new website off the ground.

Creating Your Business Website in Four Oaks

Just about every business uses a website. Customers are used to looking at a website when considering which business to select as the supplier for the product or service that they wish to buy. This very often takes place on their mobile phone, these days. Your website is a shop front for your prospective clients.

The prospect will very quickly make a decision – usually in seconds – as to whether or not to proceed with their interest in the business they are considering. This will be based entirely on the quality function, speed and contents of your website. Your website simply must look great on all size devices to win over as many customers as possible.

Being located close to your web developer means that communication between us is easy. We both know the local area and we can easily discuss what you want your website to convey about your business. It is important that we have several conversations as the website is constructed to make sure that you going to be happy with the final product.

There is also the advantage that you know that I want to earn your respect in order to build and maintain my local reputation, as well as knowing that you can get in touch with me in the future if you need further assistance.


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Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktops

The world of search has undergone a huge change over the last few years. Look at people wherever they have few moments to spare – in a queue, waiting for an appointment, on a bus or a train – and you will many of them engaged with their mobile phones.

They use them all the time for everything.

It is important that anyone who views your website can call you straight away. I create your website so that website visitors only have to touch your phone number and it will automatically open up on their phone dialler.

They don’t need to write your number down and enter it manually or put off calling you later, which may never happen. Click, click and they are calling you. Instantly.

All of the websites that I create come with all of the functions that you would expect such a a nice map and a contact form so people can leave you a message out of hours.

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Why Select Myself To Build Your Business Website?

There are so many web developers who will happily build your web site for you. Why select myself? In short:

  • I attended a college in 1999 to start to learn how to build websites, so I have experience of doing this for a long time.
  • I reside right here in Four Oaks making me the local person that you place your trust in.
  • My website design work is my best advert. It is in my interests to give you a great service so that my reputation is enhanced.
  • In the past, I have started and run two different businesses which means that I can relate to people in business and what they want.
  • I am a people person who makes the effort to be available, friendly and approachable, yet professional.

You will have many questions so the easiest way forward is to give me a quick ring on 0774 921 1349 and we can have an initial discussion and I will be happy to answer your questions. You can fill out my Contact Form if you prefer. You can discover more about my services on my home page Sutton Coldfield Web Design.

I look forward to hearing from you